Da Man!


Da Man!

Da Man …  Spiderman?  Batman?  Superman?  Nope!  Da Man is my man and today he celebrates 54 years of living!

I’ve been by his side for 39 years … 4 dating and 35 married!  During that time I’ve seen him face a lot of stuff … Good stuff … Amazing stuff … Hard stuff … Bad stuff … Stuff that seemed like the end of the world kind of stuff and the kind of stuff that makes life worth living!   And through it all I’ve seen him grow, and he is still growing, still “becoming” … Still in the completion process!

Some random thoughts and things I love about this man I get to journey life with on this his special day…

I love that he is a man who is sensitive and not afraid to show it.

I love that he is a man after the heart of God.

I love that he is a family man.  He has sacrificed much to see his family taken care of and blessed.  I’m convinced he would do anything for us.

I love that he spoils me!  Yes, I’m spoiled!

I love that I am married to my best friend!

I love that he is my greatest encourager and loudest cheerleader.  I am who I am today much because of him.  God uses him big time in my life to shape me and mold me.  He married a very shy, quiet girl that he has helped blossom into more than I could have ever believed possible.  Maybe there are times he wishes I was still shy and quiet!  LOL!

I love that he is a great cook … And loves to experiment in the kitchen.

I love that I have a walking, talking Bible dictionary and commentary.  He is the most knowledgable and wisest man I know.

I love that he always sees and believes the best in people.

I love that he is an amazingly trusting person.  I’ve said many times this is one of his greatest strengths … And maybe his biggest weakness.  I pray for discernment for him without losing his trusting attribute!  🙂

I love that he still makes my heart skip a beat the way he loves me.

I love that he is a great dad to our kids … And a father to many kids who have passed through our lives who were without a dad.

I love that he is the best and proudest Papa I know!  He would give all we have for them without even thinking about it!

I love his salt & pepper hair!  He has accumulated a lot of gray hair … And he has earned them all!

I love how he loved his mom and the incredible son he was to her.  Even though we have lived so far away he talked to her pretty much every day right up to the day she went to Heaven.

I love that he is a man of integrity.  He always takes the high road.  He lives a life that honors God.

I love that he is a man that is quick to repent.

I love that he is a forever student.  It may not be in a formal classroom but he is ALWAYS learning.  From keeping bees … To riding horses … To becoming a runner at the age of 53 … To philosophy and Greek and Hebrew.  He is always learning thus our home overrunneth with books and stuff!

I love that he is a doctor!  He completed his doctoral studies 5 years ago and has his doctorate in spiritual formation.  So, just call me Mrs. Dr. Jim Garrett!  😉

I love that he continues to pursue his passions of loving and serving God … mentoring the next generation of leaders … Helping to grow strong families … Doing missions … Teaching the pure Word of God as a pastor and as a professor and as a mentor/leader … Bringing wholeness and healing to those who are hurt … Writing his book (with a little nudging from me and from God) … Studying … And loving and caring for his family.

I love the way he loves me … More and more with each passing year.

I love that I get to keep living life with him…

Many years ago when I was praying and reading the Word the Lord gave me this verse and impressed on me that this is the man that is my husband.  I wrote in my Bible that day, right by the verse … this is my husband!

“The merciful, kind, and generous man benefits himself for his deeds return to bless him …”  Proverbs 11:17a

He is merciful, kind, and generous … And his deeds not only return to bless him … They bless me and his children and his grandchildren … And everyone his life touches.  He is a blessed man and he is a blessing!

Happy Birthday to my best friend, my greatest encourager, my lover, the man of my dreams!  I got you Babe … The best thing that ever happened to me besides Jesus!  I love you!

You Da man!

Still Your Sweetheart,



About cherigarrett

A woman who seeks the heart of God in all things. Wife to an awesome husband(Jim) who is also her best friend and ministry partner...mom to 3 phenomenal kids and their spouses...Mimi/Gami to 15 amazing grandchildren. Jim & Cheri have spent their 40 years of marriage in ministry and that is God's purpose for them. Cheri ministers alongside Jim as well as in women's events, marriage and family conferences and minister's conferences. Her passion is to help people know who they are in Christ and walk in His purposes and plans.

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