A Love Story


I LOVE love stories!  Every love story is beautiful but our love story … it’s is my very favorite!


 Our love story is full to overflowing and is made up of the things of life.  It is a perfect mixture of laughter and tears, great decisions and not so great decisions, success and failure, joy and sadness, gain and loss, the times when the love is easy and fun and fuzzy and warm … and the times when it is hard and the feelings are waning but you stick to the commitment.  You stick because the relationship is a covenant, a commitment, a choice and so worth whatever it takes to keep it growing and vibrant and alive.
God has truly blessed us and shined His favor on our lives.  It is having Him at the center that has made ALL the difference!
What a gift to have celebrated 40 years of marriage in June to a man who loves me so completely … Who is my biggest encourager and loudest cheerleader … Who loves adventures as much as I do … Who is a sensitive man … Who does whatever it takes to care for his family … Who is a great Dad and an amazing Papa and extraordinary husband … Who spoils me thoroughly … Who leads our family by example, unafraid to say “follow me as I follow Christ” … Who tells me often how much he loves me and shows me his love practically and extravagantly … Who still enjoys just “being” with me … Who loves to hold my hand … Who loves me and likes me … Who gives and gives and gives and then gives some more … Who still makes my heart skip a beat and my skin tingle with his touch.  I am one blessed woman!  Nothing gives me greater joy than to love him and to serve him and make him happy!
I love you Jim Garrett!   You are the hero in our love story!  Happy Anniversary!
Your Sweetheart … Your Sunshine … Cheri

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