Weaving a Masterpiece


fdsd my tapestry back unfinishedI wish I could show you what I see.  God is weaving a tapestry of love with your life.  I can’t show you the picture but maybe I can paint it with words…

He is an amazing weaver.  He can weave like no one else in all of history … like no one who will ever come on the scene.  It is beautiful.  It is really beyond what words can describe.  Intricately created by your Maker.  He started it before you were ever conceived.  It began as a longing.  He was weaving while you were still in the womb and He has never stopped.

He longed for someone to love … to be in relationship with.  Someone who would choose Him.  To allow Him to create in you what only He can create.  A tapestry that weaves together all the things in your life … pain and sorrow and peace and joy … struggles and heartache and freedom and healing … sin and forgiveness …

He showed me a multitude of yarn in many colors and dimensions and materials and textures.  Some were beautiful.  Some were bland.  Some were just plain ugly.  And I saw that each strand of yarn represented something in your life.  Sin.  Wise choices.  Pain.  Healing.  Struggles.  Fun.  Laughter.  Tears.  Good times.  Bad times.  Blessings.  Cursings.  Unforgiveness.  Forgiveness.  Bitterness.  Sweetness.  Joy.  Sadness.  I saw every thing in your life, good and bad being weaved into this tapestry of love.  If you could just imagine all those colors and textures being weaved together … intertwined … creating  a beautiful tapestry.  Sometimes it even appears a little chaotic.

And God said that EVERYTHING in your life He is working for your redemption.  It is about redeeming you.  You cry out to Him that you don’t understand … it isn’t fair … you hate your life.  And he keeps weaving.  Because He knows.  The good and the bad are interwoven.  He is a master weaver.

The problem is that we are looking at the tapestry from the back side.  The back is ugly.  It doesn’t look like it is worth anything.  It is because we are looking through our eyes of flesh.  God wants us to see with our spiritual eyes.

Because the tapestry of your life that He is weaving is beautiful beyond anything our human minds can imagine.  Only God can take thelady-in-white good … the bad … the beautiful … the ugly … the hurt and pain … the healing and wholeness and weave it together to create a beautiful masterpiece.

You many be experiencing the best time of your life … or it may be the worst.  Maybe you are at rock bottom.  Your marriage may be falling apart.  You lost your job and your finances lay in ruins.  You have been cut deeply by others who have hurt you.  The healthof you or someone you love is failing.  The report from the doctor seems hopeless.  You can’t seem to dig out of the emotional hole you are in.  But He never stops weaving.

He keeps weaving every yarn.  He knows what the outcome will be.  Because you are his masterpiece.  He has always seen you as a masterpiece.  He created you that way.

So NEVER give up.  Look through your spiritual eyes.  Run to His Presence.  Get His Word inside of you.  Allow God to continue to weave all the yarns of your life into this tapestry.  He will give you the strength and grace you need in the process.  He has this amazing ability to weave together all that happens to us for our good … to complete the tapestry of love that He already sees in us.

See the beauty He is weaving from the yarns of your life.  He is the master weaver.  You are His masterpiece.

For you are God’s masterpiece He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.” Ephesians 2:10


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