Only You Can Take Care of You


I Love Me Written inside a Heart Drawn in SandI am currently struggling with high blood pressure and learning how to get it under control and keep it there.  This is a disease that the healthcare industry states most of us will encounter at some point in our lives.  When depends on our race, our age, our weight, our lifestyle, salt intake  as well as our family history.

It is also known as the SILENT killer.  So we must be proactive in taking care of ourselves!  And much of it may come down to a lifestyle change.

  • Eating a low sodium diet
  • Getting our weight to a healthy place
  • No smoking
  • No drinking
  • Being physically active … YES, EXERCISE
  • Reduce stress
  • And if you are on medication, TAKE IT as required

Also, check your blood pressure regularly to be sure you are maintaining a healthy level.

There are certain herbs and foods that can help you keep your blood pressure under control.  Here is a great resource that can help!

YOU are important!  And only YOU can take care of YOU!  Love yourself!


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