Who Am I?


My life goal is to always be a woman after the heart of God and that is what I strive for every day. And as I pursue the heart of God I am becoming the reflection of Jesus to others. Have I arrived? Absolutely not, otherwise you wouldn’t see me still walking around in my skin! I am becoming and God is completing me day by day. It is a process.


I am a wife to a man that loves me so amazingly … only second to the way Jesus loves me. We’ve had our struggles and our fairy tales and the everyday things that life brings but we are committed to this thing called marriage, this journey of life and love. He is my love … my best friend and my greatest cheerleader.

I am a mom … to four children, one in Heaven and three children that are best things God entrusted me with … I am so very proud of who they are today and their walk with God. And they each chose spouses that are now my children-in-love that I am so blessed to have in our lives. I am a forever mom!

I am Mimi/Gami to the cutest and sweetest and smartest all round most amazing 15 grandchildren a person could dream of … who knew that this season of life would be so full and fun and blessed. They make me laugh and cry and do crazy things and spend too much money and they keep me young and I love every minute of all of it!  I wouldn’t change s thing!

One of my MANY Life Verses

“I am convinced and confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will continue to perfect and complete it until the day of Christ Jesus, the time of His return”

Philippians 1:6.

I am called and chosen and purposed by God. To speak into the lives of women … to bring healing and wholeness and freedom … to encourage and help them to become all that God created them to become. To love each one where they are. A daunting purpose that I can only walk out as I pursue His Heart. It is all him in and through me. I’m just a vessel.


I am real and vulnerable … I’m not perfect … I’ve not arrived. I’m in the completion process. Won’t you join me?  I promise it will be an adventure!



About cherigarrett

A woman who seeks the heart of God in all things. Wife to an awesome husband(Jim) who is also her best friend and ministry partner...mom to 3 phenomenal kids and their spouses...Mimi/Gami to 15 amazing grandchildren. Jim & Cheri have spent their 40 years of marriage in ministry and that is God's purpose for them. Cheri ministers alongside Jim as well as in women's events, marriage and family conferences and minister's conferences. Her passion is to help people know who they are in Christ and walk in His purposes and plans.

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