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Do I Have Purpose?


Honestly.  I have struggled with this very thing in my life.  Do I have purpose?You are beautiful

I grew up with a VERY poor self-image and self-esteem.  It came through a lot of things.  I was overweight.  (I still am!)  I was shy.  I was embarrassed about some things that plagued my family.  There was alcoholism and maniac depression.  I was sexually molested by a family member.  I HATE using that word … molested.  Because it could have been MUCH worse and many have experienced so much more pain.  But it was enough to scar me.

All of these things contributed to my personal lack of worth and purpose.  The great thing was that Jesus rescued me at a young age and He began healing my heart.  I’ve come a long way buy I don’t think I’m totally healed even today.  But that is okay.  Jesus is still working on me.

He began by speaking healing to my heart in these words…

Cheri, you are mine.  I made you.  All the delicate, inner parts of your body.  I put you together in your mother’s womb.  I created you amazing and wonderful.  My workmanship on you is marvelous.  You can know that I did a wonderful job when I created you.  You were never hidden from me even in the darkness of your mother’s womb.  I was there putting you together.  I saw you and I knew you  before you were ever born.  And I had a plan for you and a purpose for you. I even recorded your life in my book … every moment, before your were even born.  I have been with you every day of your life … in the times of light and joy … and in the times of darkness and pain.  I have been there.  My love for you is GREAT.  My thoughts toward you are precious.  So many they cannot be numbered.  And I will never give up on you … to see you become the woman of purpose I designed you to be.  The woman in my book.

Even today that brings me healing and reminds me that He NEVER gives up on me … on seeing me become the woman He designed me to be.  YES, I have purpose.  Purpose in Him.

No matter who you are right at this moment … or what you have done … or what has happened to you.  He loves you.  And He created you as an amazing woman of purpose.  His workmanship on you is marvelous!  You are NOT a mistake.  He wrote a book about you before you were ever born.  You have PURPOSE!  He created you that way!