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Where’s Your Passion?


I had a very exciting conversation with a young lady today. She was telling me that she had once began her studies to become a veterinarian but gave up because she was having too many difficulties with the studies. She obviously does have a learning difficulty but she had determined that her difficulty was simply too hard to carry on with her task so decided to lower her expectations a little to switch and become a veterinary technician.

As she was telling me her new goals, which she has been working on for about a year now, you could visibly see her lighten up and you could hear the excitement in her voice. In fact, she told me that wanted to tell many people of her new goal in life.

The excitement I heard, and that I related back to her, was her passion. She was iterating her passion. And it was contagious.

I have no doubt that Amanda will go on to finish her studies and will become a veterinary technician.

And I am pretty sure that she will specialize beyond that.


Because she was and is in the zone of her passion.

Passion is that objective that you have to have. You eat it, drink it, dream it … and live it.

And passion will carry you through in times when otherwise you might want to quit or give up.

And I know passion.

And I think we all know passion.

When is the last time you ever dreamed something so hard that you couldn’t let it go?

When’s the last time that you really lit up when you were talking about something … or someone?

When is the last time that you wanted something so badly that you knew you couldn’t live without it?

That’s passion.

A story is often told of a young boy who desperately wanted to learn a martial art. It is said that he sought out the training of a wise, old sensei.

In the boy’s search of the old man, he did find him. And he found him fishing in the middle of a stream.

The boy waited patiently on the side of the stream for what seemed like hours … simply in pursuit of being recognized by the old man.

Finally, the old man looked over at the boy and said to him, “boy, what is it that you desire?”

The boy anxiously responded to him, “Oh great master, I desire to learn your martial arts.”

The old man simply looked away and continued fishing … seemingly ignoring the young boy.

After a while longer, he again looked over at the young boy and said, “boy, what is it that you desire?”

Again, the boy responded, “Oh great master, I desire to learn your martial arts.”

And again, the old man simply looked away and continued fishing.

Finally, after another hour or so, the old man looked over at the boy and said to him, “boy, what is it that you desire?”

And, as the boy had before responded, he said “Oh great master, I desire to learn your martial arts.”

The old man motioned for the boy to come out into the water with him.

The boy, desiring NOT to show his excitement, waded out into the water to the old man.

When the boy reached the sensei, the sensei violently grabbed, pushed, and held the young boy’s head under the water.

The boy struggled violently as well.

..until at last, four bubbles come from his mouth

…then three bubbles

…then two bubbles

… then one bubble

At which the old man, grabbing the boy by the hair, lifted him out of the water … obviously (and literally) dying for air.

And the old man looked at the boy and said to him, “Son, when you want to learn the martial arts from me … as much as you wanted that next breath of air … come back and I will teach you.

This is an illustration of the power of passion.

Passion causes us to come back when all Hell is coming against us.

Passion is that thing that causes us to NOT give up when nothing else seems to be going our way.

Passion is what finds us successful.


Because passion creates within us an “I’ve got to have it … or die trying” attitude.

So again, I ask each reader today … what are you passionate about? And what’s it going to take to see your passion fulfilled?

And when you have answered those questions … carry on …. and see your passion come to fruition.


imagePassion.  What is passion?  What am I passionate about?  And at my “seasoned” time in life why do I find myself at this crossroads of passion?  Why can’t I just relax…coast…enjoy life in the slow lane?  This is where my heart is right now, wondering and searching.

I love really digging to understand what a word means…so I did some digging on passion.  This is what I found.  Passion is a powerful, strong, barely controllable emotion of love, joy, hatred or anger; a fiery love, boundless enthusiasm, the sufferings of Jesus; a powerful, deep, overwhelming, intense emotion.  Synonyms of passion are:

  • Fervor… great warmth and intensity of feeling;image
  • Fire… a burning passion;
  • Zeal… a strong enthusiastic devotion to a cause and a tireless diligence to its furtherance; and
  • Ardor… a fiery intensity of feeling

In discovering our passion, we are looking for that which we have a fiery, powerful love.  What are we willing to suffer for.  What gives us uncontrollable joy.  What burns inside of us.  What are we willing to sacrifice time, energy, finances, and comfort to pursue!  That is our passion.  That is what we were created to do…the thing we HAVE to do.

And here I am, at the age I find myself, searching and reevaluating that passion.  To do that, I begin with the things I have that fiery, powerful love for…

I love Jesus with that fiery, powerful love.  I am passionate about knowing Him more.  I am passionate about loving Him more.  I am passionate about obeying Him.  I am passionate about walking out this journey in a way that pleases Him and impacts those I “bump into” along the way.  I am passionate about fulfilling His calling and purpose for me and helping others do the same.  He is love and He burns inside of me.


I love my family with that fiery, passionate love.  Caring for them gives me more joy than I can express in words.  There is nothing that I wouldn’t do or give for them.  They are one of my reasons for living.  I am passionate about loving my husband, my children, my children by marriage and my grandchildren.  I am passionate about growing my marriage and keeping the love and romance alive.  I am passionate about our marriage life purpose.  I am passionate about growing as a family and having fun together.  I’m passionate about keeping our relationships strong and vibrant.  I’m passionate about impacting their lives and leaving them a brightly lit path of hungering and thirsting after God and His ways.

I love families with that fiery, passionate love and I am passionate about the legacy that each family is passing on to the generations to come.  Legacy WILL just happen but it may not be the legacy we want to leave.  So legacy that makes a difference is intentional.  It takes focus and vision and work.  I am passionate about equipping and enpowering families to build a legacy that will impact their families today and their generations to come.

imageI love the next generation with that fiery, passionate love  and I am passionate about preparing them to live a life of total abandon to God and His ways.  I want to be a part of preparing a generation to truly be one to seek His face and His heart above all else and make an imprint on this world.

I love the older generation with that fiery, passionate love.   I’m passionate about making them a priority and honoring them.  They have value and purpose and I’m sickened at how they are pushed aside and devalued even by the Christian community.  I want to be a part of empowering them to walk out their God-given destiny and see them impact the generations that will follow them..being useful and valued all the days of their lives.

I love community with that fiery, passionate love.   I am passionate about nurturing community among followers of Jesus and helping us find ways to stop being the church on the corner…to stop spending all our time and money to get people to come to our corner.  We need to integrate ourselves into they very fabric of our community.  We need to be His fragrance, His flavor, His light in the world.  It is time to stop going to church and start BEING the church.  Yeah…I’m passionate about that!

I love women with that fiery, passionate love.  I am passionate about equipping and empowering them to be everything God created them to be so they can walk out their purpose impacting their families and their world.  I’m passionate about seeing women walk in freedom.  I’m passionate about helping women impact generations of girls and women through the way they live their lives today.

I love leaders with that fiery, passionate love.  And even though I feel unqualified I still imageam passionate about equipping, encouraging and restoring leaders.  Something in me is ignited and comes alive when I can stand in a group of leaders and share life-giving principles, correction and freedom that empowers them to BE and not just to DO.

I love hurting people with that fiery, passionate love, especially people hurt by church, by Christians and by pastors/leaders.  I’m passionate about helping them heal and forgive and reconnect to God and His great love and purpose for them.  To see them walk in freedom.  To see them become a part of a heathy, caring community of Believers.

I love to travel with that fiery, passionate love.  I am passionate about this world our God created and the people groups He has created and positioned to know Him.  I am passionate about seeing His World and His people.  I want to share Him with all His creation.

So… this is where I find myself…wondering, searching.  What do I with all of this?  I go to Him, into His Presence and let Him direct my life.  “Because IN Christ I find out WHO I am and WHAT I’m living for.  A very long time before I even heard of Jesus, He had His eyes on me.  He already had designs for my life, about me being a part of His purposes.” (Ephesians 1:11-12)

I’m passionate.  I’m fearful.  I’m hopeful.  I’m excited.  I’m pursuing.

Living WITHOUT passion is not really living.  Living WITH passion is living a life that leaves an imprint on this world.  Passion propels your dreams.


Pursuing His fiery, passionate love…


A Wondering Heart